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My Faith Has Been Restored

Can women support other women? I was beginning to lose hope a few years ago because I was seeing less and less of it.

What changed my mind? Well, it wasn’t a what but rather WHO changed it? Eight brilliant and compassionate women who I have had the pleasure of spending the past two years with. They provided me a space when it was my job to provide them the space as their facilitator. But beyond this, they restored my faith in women and our ability to show each other kindness and support in the professional world.

Who are these eight superwomen? Well, I won’t reveal their identities, but I will tell you I have had the pleasure of serving as a facilitator for the Women In Management (WIM) group through the Graduate School of Business. The goal of WIM is to create an inclusive and supportive community for women.

We have met every other week for almost two years now and our time is coming to an end. These amazing women are about to graduate with their MBA and go out into the world to make it better. And I know they will. These women come from all over the world with various backgrounds and experiences. Over the past two years, they have faced many life challenges, death, illness, loss of relationships, self-doubt, new relationships, leaps of faith, anxiety and often the pain and awkwardness of stepping out of their comfort zones. But what has been so beautiful to watch is the way they have supported, encouraged, coached and lifted each other up through all of the ups and downs. They have been a gift in my life and one I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the group. You have redeemed my faith in womanhood.

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