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Some Much-Needed R&R

So, I won’t lie, last week I hit a wall.

I started the week with the best of intentions, making sure each day began at 7 am doing 50 minutes on the rower. When I finished, I felt so accomplished and was ready to tackle my workload.

As the week progressed I stayed with this routine however, I started to feel drained and getting through all the emails, zoom calls and phone calls left me depleted. By mid-week, I decided to listen to my body and mind and canceled my Thursday and Friday meetings. I put myself and my needs first and took time off. And to be honest… it’s been fantastic!

Although I’m in the comfort of my own home and my commute is much, much shorter, I’m still working and to be honest, I’m working harder than ever.

I have written about self-care and pacing your time at work in the past, and this week I definitely needed to take my own advice. I needed to take time off, not just time for breaks and lunches, but time away from zoom and the screen. I know there is a lot for us to do and so much to accomplish, but we have to continue to be real with what we are feeling and what we need. This week I needed time off and time away. Consider this:

1. Check-in with yourself to determine what it is you may really need in the coming week.

2. What will help your body, mind and spirit heal from the stress of this shelter in place?

3. Voice what you are really feeling and do what’s best for you.

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