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What’s on Your Ideal Job List?

Have you ever noticed that getting into and out of romantic relationships takes a lot of thoughtful planning, strategizing and analyzing data?

I remember a friend reciting his dream partner list to a group of us years ago. His list was all the must-haves that his ideal partner had to have: looks, hobbies, style, favorite movies and music, and on and on. I remember listening in astonishment because I didn’t know people actually made lists like that.

So he had a definite plan of what he was looking for and he wasn’t going to settle for less.

But, as I’m sure you’re aware, even the best plans don’t pan out, and so then we find ourselves getting out of the relationship and hashing out the entire drama with friends.

Your friends tell you the truth and often admit they didn’t really get how you stayed in the relationship, or that they never thought the other person was right for you and so on and so on.

This is where the evaluation and learning processes begin. We look inwardly and start to ask different questions of ourselves. What did I miss? What red flags did ignore? Was I clear on my intention? And what did I accept, knowing that I wanted and deserved more?

When we are ready to get back into the dating pool, we enter with caution and with more clarity about what we need, want and deserve in the next relationship.

When you’re in a job search, do you spend this kind of time making plans and strategizing?

Do you make a list of what your dream job would offer? Do you use this list to inform the lens you use to evaluate how you do your job search, ask questions during the search process and analyze the work culture?

Do you take the time to look back on all of your old jobs, especially the ones that left you sad, confused and exhausted, to consider the lessons you learned about work environment/culture, colleagues, pay, support, an opportunity for development and growth to inform/refine your dream job list?

If we can spend the time and effort to find the person of our dreams, can we not put in the same amount of time and effort to carve out our dream career? Maybe if we did this we would show up to our job happy to be there each day and, as a result, make more of a positive impact.

Something to think about…

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