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Discovery Call

  • 45 minutes
  • Zoom

Service Description

At Do Better Executive Coaching, our discovery call is an opportunity for a sincere and meaningful connection, a chance for us to engage genuinely and empathetically. This 45-minute session is more than just an introductory conversation; it's a space where understanding and mutual respect lay the foundation for your journey as a woman of color in leadership. During our call, we will dive deep into what motivates you to seek coaching. I’ll be there to listen closely, eager to learn about your personal experiences, your current professional role, and the dreams that drive you. Our session is not just about listing your objectives; it’s about revealing the underlying passions and the challenges you face in your unique journey. As a woman of color myself, I resonate deeply with the specific hurdles we face, from overcoming systemic barriers to making our voices heard in traditionally underrepresented sectors. This session is a time of exploration and discovery. We will discuss your vision of success and pinpoint the areas where coaching can have a profound impact. Whether it’s about elevating your leadership skills, navigating complex workplace dynamics, or crafting strategies for your career growth, our conversation will be the cornerstone for a customized coaching plan. Importantly, this call is also about you getting a feel for whether I’m the right coach for you. It’s vital for you to sense a connection with my coaching style and philosophy. The relationship between a coach and coachee is deeply personal, and ensuring a good fit is key to the success of the coaching journey. I will share my coaching approach during this call, which is a blend of practical strategies and empathetic guidance. My method isn’t about generic solutions; it’s about collaboratively forging a path that aligns with your experiences and goals. Finally, we will discuss the potential next steps. Should you choose to proceed, we’ll talk about how we can work together, the frequency of our meetings, and what our sessions might entail. My aim is for you to leave this call feeling understood, validated, and excited about the possibilities ahead. Our call is the beginning of a potentially transformative partnership, a chance to lay the groundwork for growth, empowerment, and the fulfillment of your personal aspirations and professional development. During our time together we'll excavate key growth opportunities which will inform the trajectory of your bespoke coaching plan.

Contact Details

Glendale, CA, USA

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