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To the incredible women of color: this is for you. I, Debra, extend a heartfelt invitation to join me in a journey of growth, empowerment, and transformation at Do Better Executive Consulting. This is more than a service; it's a community, a sanctuary where your aspirations, challenges, and dreams are understood and valued.

If you find yourself navigating the complex waters of professional leadership, seeking to amplify your voice, or striving to create impactful change, know that you are not alone. Here, we connect not just as consultant and client, but as allies and champions of each other's journeys.

Reach out, let's start a conversation that could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Let's explore, together, how we can tailor strategies and breakthroughs to your unique narrative. Your success is our shared success, and every step forward is a victory for us all.

At Do Better Executive Consulting, you're not just finding support; you're joining a movement. A movement where your leadership journey is celebrated, your challenges are met with understanding, and your triumphs are a cause for collective joy.



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Empower Your Leadership with Visionary, Humanistic Executive Coaching Tailored to Your Unique Journey


Megan Stang, CA

“Dr. Griffith is an exceptional coach who helped me uncover my leadership skills and shape my experiences into a strong leadership statement and resume. Her unique methods focus on my overall value to an organization, not just a list of skills. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with Debra!

Amy Davis, CA

Debra is a professional, organized, and strategic leader. She brings calm and optimism to the emotionally charged DE&I Action Plans. Debra keeps our team accountable and engaged, guiding us to create a plan that will make our museum more inclusive.

Cecily Nelson -Alford, MI

Working with Debra has been pivotal for my professional development. She helps shape your leadership passion into actionable plans. Her insights address daily challenges and inspire aspirational growth. I highly recommend connecting with her.

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